Recycling startup list

We researched 9 recycling companies in the following list. This number will be kept updating. We categorize them based on the type of recycling, including:

  • Lithium battery recycling
  • Solar cell panel recycling

Each company has a brief introduction, followed by “Get details of XXX (company’s name)”. Clicking the company’s name, you will get our research results of the company, including:

  • Technology
  • Patent
  • Technology applications
  • Product
  • Funding
  • Investor
  • Founder

View the following list of startups that we researched:

Lithium battery recycling

  • Cylib

A German cleantech company founded in 2022, has developed lithium battery recycling technology that uses water and supercritical CO₂ to recover lithium carbonate from black mass before it is acid leached or smelted.

Get details of Cylib >>

  • SiTration

An American clean tech company founded in 2020, develops filtration membrane technology for the recovery of critical materials from lithium-ion batteries and mining operations.

Get details of SiTration >>

  • Green Li-ion

A Singapore-based cleantech company founded in 2020, recycles valuable elements from spent lithium batteries for making sustainable lithium batteries.

Get details of Green Li-ion >>

  • Princeton NuEnergy

An American cleantech company founded in 2019, develops lithium-ion battery recycling technology based on low-temperature plasma-assisted separation (LPAS) process.

Get details of Princeton NuEnergy >>

  • Redwood Materials

An American cleantech company founded in 2017, recycles lithium-ion batteries to make sustainable battery materials to create a closed-loop supply chain for lithium batteries.

Get details of Redwood Materials >>

  • Lithion Technologies

A Canadian cleantech company founded in 2017, develops hydrometallurgy-based technology to recycle 95% of lithium-ion battery components with high purity.

Get details of Lithion Technologies >>

  • Li-Cycle

A Canadian cleantech company founded in 2016, uses Spoke & Hub Technology to recycle all types of lithium-ion batteries with a high recovery rate of up to 95% of the materials.

Get details of Li-Cycle >>

  • Ascend Elements

An American cleantech company founded in 2015, recycles valuable elements from spent lithium-ion batteries and produces sustainable electric vehicle battery materials.

Get details of Ascend Elements >>

Solar cell panel recycling

  • Solarcycle

An American cleantech startup founded in 2022, provides full solar panel recycling services.

Get details of Solarcycle >>


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