Redeem Solar Technologies (Develop photo flow reactor for on site producing hydrogen and green chemicals)

Redeem Solar Technologies, an American cleantech company founded in 2023, develops energy-efficient and modular photo flow reactors for the production of hydrogen via the heterogeneous photocatalyst-mediated dehydrogenation of tetrahydroquinoline to quinoline under visible light.

Challenges: hydrogen fuels

Hydrogen (H₂) is a crucial component in the production of ammonia, which is a key ingredient in many fertilizers, plastics, and other essential products. The majority of the world’s hydrogen (over 60 million tons) is produced via steam methane reforming (SMR) process. This process requires a significant amount of energy input and contributes about 2% of global carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions. The SMR process emits between 5 and 9 tons of CO₂ per ton of hydrogen produced. Thus, alternative methods to produce hydrogen without carbon emissions are needed.

Redeem Solar Technologies Technology

Redeem Solar Technologies develops a flow reactor to produce hydrogen that generates hydrogen gas via the dehydrogenation of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline to quinoline via a rhodium (Rh)/titania (TiO₂) heterogeneous photocatalyst under visible light. The photo flow reactor is scalable and energy efficient, offering maximum product purity and selectivity.

Redeem Solar Technologies reactor

The diagram below depicts the photo flow reactor.

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