Hydrogen Age (Explore and produce natural hydrogen)

Hydrogen Age, a Spanish-Australian startup founded in 2024, focuses on the exploration and production of natural hydrogen. The company aims to become a leader in natural hydrogen gas production and export in Europe.

Challenges: hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen (H₂) has the potential to greatly decrease carbon emissions, particularly when generated from sustainable energy sources. Utilizing clean hydrogen can play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions in challenging sectors like steel production, long-distance transportation, shipping, and aviation. The U.S. Department of Energy is working towards a goal of making clean hydrogen more cost-effective, aiming to reduce its price to $1 per kilogram by 2031. This will help make it a more competitive option compared to traditional fuels.

Currently, the majority of hydrogen production relies on natural gas in steam methane reformers (SMRs). The carbon intensity of hydrogen production using SMRs without carbon capture is 10.4 tons of CO₂ emitted for every ton of hydrogen produced.  

Renewable energy sources like nuclear, solar, and wind can be used to produce clean hydrogen through methods like electrolysis of water, pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, or solar heating.

Natural hydrogen

Hydrogen formed through natural geological processes is commonly referred to as natural hydrogen. It goes by various names such as geologic hydrogen, white hydrogen, or gold hydrogen. This particular form of hydrogen is widely regarded as a clean and potentially sustainable energy source, thanks to its inherent formation process and minimal impact on carbon emissions.

Natural hydrogen has been found in various source rocks and regions outside the usual sedimentary basins explored by oil companies. For example, large accumulations of natural hydrogen have been discovered in places like Bourakebougou (Mali), Rukwa, Tanzania, and Cauca-Patia Valley of Colombia. It is estimated that there could be trillions of tons of natural hydrogen reserves globally, which could meet energy demands for centuries if efficiently tapped.

According to current estimates, the production cost of natural hydrogen is around $0.5 - $1/kg. This makes it significantly cheaper than green hydrogen produced from renewable electricity ($3 - $7.5/kg) and competitive with gray hydrogen from natural gas ($0.9 - $3.2/kg). If sufficient reserves are confirmed, natural hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize  the energy industry as an affordable and low-carbon source.

Hydrogen Age Technology

Hydrogen Age (H2Age) utilizes geophysics and geology models to calculate the coordinates and depths of exploration wells, with the aim of identifying potential reservoirs of natural hydrogen. The company utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as UAV-based surface gas detection, seismic data acquisition, and AI techniques to explore natural hydrogen resources. H2Age could consider implementing the same techniques used in the Hoarty NE3 well to enhance their natural hydrogen production.

How Hydrogen Age explores natural hydrogen

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