Greenlyte Carbon Technologies (€8M Pre-Seed funding to capture CO2 from the air while producing green hydrogen)

Greenlyte Carbon Technologies, a German cleantech startup founded in 2022, develops a carbon removal technology that efficiently captures carbon dioxide (CO₂) directly from the atmosphere while producing green hydrogen (H₂). The produced H₂ and captured CO₂ can be used as raw materials to produce green hydrocarbon fuels.

Challenges: CO2 capture

Carbon emissions are a major contributor to climate change, as the release of CO₂ and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere trap heat and cause the planet's temperature to rise. Carbon emissions come from various sources, including burning fossil fuels for energy, deforestation, and industrial processes.

To reduce carbon emissions, many countries and companies are exploring ways to capture and store carbon dioxide. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) involves capturing CO₂ emissions from power plants and industrial processes and then storing them underground or using them for other purposes.

One of the main challenges of CCS is the cost. Capturing CO₂ is an energy-intensive process that requires expensive equipment, and transporting and storing CO₂ also adds to the cost. As a result, many CCS projects have struggled to attract funding and have been slow to develop.

Another challenge is the scale of CCS required to make a significant impact on carbon emissions. Even if CCS were widely implemented, it would only capture a portion of global emissions, and other measures would still be needed to reduce emissions from transportation, agriculture, and other sources.

There are also concerns about the safety and effectiveness of CCS. Storing large amounts of CO₂ underground could potentially cause earthquakes or leaks, which could be dangerous and expensive to remediate. Additionally, some critics argue that CCS is a "band-aid" solution that does not address the root causes of carbon emissions.

Despite these challenges, many experts believe that CCS could play an important role in reducing carbon emissions, particularly in industries that are difficult to decarbonize, such as steel and cement production. Research is ongoing to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of CCS, and governments and companies are investing in CCS projects as part of their climate strategies.

Greenlyte Technology

Greenlyte Carbon Technologies (Greenlyte) has developed an energy-efficient system that captures CO₂ directly from the atmosphere using their innovative CO₂ absorbent. The CO₂-loaded absorbent is then used to produce hydrogen (H₂) and CO₂ using an electrolysis cell. The system operates at 600kWh per ton for CO₂ production while generating hydrogen as a byproduct. The produced H₂ and CO₂ can be used as raw materials for the production of green hydrocarbon fuels that are alternative to fossil fuels.

Greenlyte CO₂ capture system

Below is a diagram of the Greenlyte carbon capture system, which consists of a CO₂ absorbent unit and a three-chamber electrolysis cell.

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