Green ammonia startups list

We researched more than five green ammonia early-stage startups in the following list. This number will be kept updating. We categorize them based on the type of technology used to produce green ammonia, including:

  • Green hydrogen for ammonia synthesis
  • Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia
  • Plasma synthesis of ammonia

Each company has a brief introduction, followed by “Get details of XXX (company’s name)”. Clicking the company’s name, you will get our research results of the company, including:

  • Technology
  • Patent
  • Technology applications
  • Product
  • Funding
  • Investor
  • Founder

View the following list of startups that we researched:

Green hydrogen for ammonia synthesis

  • Atlas Agro

A Swiss cleantech startup founded in 2021, develops, builds, and operates green nitrogen fertilizer plants.

Get details of Altas Agro >>

  • ReMo Energy

An American cleantech startup founded in 2020, develops distributed ammonia production plants that can integrate with renewable energy sources to produce green hydrogen via water electrolysis for ammonia synthesis.

Get details of ReMo Energy >>

Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia


  • NitroFix

An Israeli cleantech startup founded in 2022, develops the technology to make ammonia by electrochemically reducing nitrogen using its unique polyoxometalate molecular catalysts.

Get details of NitroFix >>

  • NitroVolt

A Denmark cleantech startup founded in 2022, develops a distributed ammonia synthesis unit  that uses nitrogen gas, hydrogen, and renewable energy to make green ammonia through a continuous-flow electrolyzer based on lithium-mediated electrochemical nitrogen reduction reaction.

Get details of NitroVolt >>

  • Jupiter Ionics

An Australian cleantech startup founded in 2021, develops a modular ammonia synthesis reactor that produces green ammonia via electrochemical processes using nitrogen gas, water, and renewable energy.

Get details of Jupiter Ionics >>

Plasma synthesis of ammonia

  • plasNifix

A Swiss cleantech startup founded in 2022, develops plasma-assisted ammonia synthesis technology which produces ammonia at a low temperature using green energy.

Get details of plasNifix >>

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