Carbon neutral fuel startup list

We researched 7 carbon-neutral fuel companies in the following list. This number will be kept updating. These companies develop the technology of turning CO₂ to hydrocarbon fuels.

Each company has a brief introduction, followed by “Get details of XXX (company’s name)”. Clicking the company’s name, you will get our research results of the company, including:

  • Technology
  • Patent
  • Technology applications
  • Product
  • Funding
  • Investor
  • Founder

View the following list of startups that we researched:

Carbon-neutral fuel

  • Turn2X

A German cleantech company founded in 2022, uses an advanced reactor to convert CO₂ and hydrogen to methane with high efficiency.

Get details of Turn2X >>


A UK cleantech startup founded in 2021, develops iron-based catalysts for direct conversion of recycled CO₂ and green hydrogen into jet fuels and plastics.

Get details of OXCCU >>

  • Dioxycle

A French-American cleantech company founded in 2021, develops electrolyzer technology that uses a CO₂-rich solvent to turn CO₂ into valuable products like ethylene.

Get details of Dioxycle >>

  • Again

A biotech company founded in Denmark in 2020, develops a gas fermentation technology that uses thermophilic bacteria to transform CO₂ into biofuels like acetate, acetone, and ethanol.

Get details of Again >>


A German cleantech company founded in 2018, uses methane, CO₂, water, and electricity to produce syngas in an integrated reactor.

Get details of CAPHENIA >>


A German cleantech company founded in 2016, uses recycled CO₂ and green hydrogen to produce methane (CH₄), syngas, and liquid fuels.

Get details of INERATEC >>

  • Synhelion

A Swiss cleantech company founded in 2016, uses concentrated solar energy and ceria redox material to convert CO₂ and water into renewable syngas for jet fuel synthesis.

Get details of Synhelion >>

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